Compost Bins & Tumblers

In the early days of composting, compost was made by forming large mounds or organic material. Before any of the compost tumblers or compost bins were conceived, this was the method in which compost was made. The process of developing compost was far more manual intensive back then. The mounds had to be turned with a pitchfork on a regular basis in order to aerate the mulch, and sunlight was required to heat the mulch to promote organic breakdown.

Nowadays however, things have changed for the better. We now have the equipment that helps to speed up the process and its available in your very own backyard or garden. Composters are becoming more and more popular, and now feature in more back yards or gardens then ever before.

As the global warming crisis is ever more apparent, more and more people are simply going greener. In addition, more people are actively growing their own fruit and vegetables to reduce their monthly food bill. Composting is a great step to achieving both.

Composters are a great gardening product available on the market today, each with their own specialties. The two main types of composters that exist are compost tumbler and compost bins. These both come in many shapes, sizes and prices.

Compost Tumblers

The compost tumbler is designed to save you time, especially if you have a busy daily schedule. They stand supported usually by two feet, in the centre of the feet sits a tumbler. Working the compost tumbler is very easy, as it only requires a few turns of the handle everyday, to aerate the mix for fabulous compost production. Other types of compost tumblers require manual turning of the barrel, but all are an efficient way of compost creation.

Compost production via a compost tumbler averages around 1-2 month for a decent yield.

Some of the best compost tumblers on the market are the Can-O-Worms Composter and the draper compost tumbler.

Compost Bins

Compost bins are stationery, and are the more common type of composter available on the market today. Many new concepts for compost bins have been designed in order to provide maximum aeration. They may however yield compost at a slower rate than the compost tumbler due to their stationery nature. Compost production from compost bins is usually around 2-3 months.

Some of the best compost bins on the market are the Blackwall compost bin, Aerobin Composter, Hotbin composter and the Earthmaker composter.

So Which Is Best?

Well that depends on a number of things, but you should consider the following.

Do you have enough space in your garden or yard. Think of the size of the compost bin or compost tumbler you decide to buy.
Do you take satisfaction in aerating the mix by tumbling, or are you happy for the compost bin to do the work for you.
Will you be using it for kitchen waste or just organic garden material, such as leaves. Maybe its better suited near your back door?
If you’re thinking of purchasing the compost bin, you may need level ground for it. In which case the tumbler might be better.
All the above are some of things you should consider before purchasing, but both the compost tumbler and the compost bin have many benefits independently.

Happy Composting!

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