Aerobin 400 Composter Bin

The Aerobin composter bin has an aeration chamber that is located internally. A patented design that accelerated the organic aerobic breakdown of materials. With thermal insulation, and preservation of heat throughout the whole year, the Aerobin 400 can produce compost in just 12 weeks.

The design makes the Aerobin so easy to use. Simply open the lid and fill with organic material from garden or kitchen waste. After compost is produced, it is easily removed via either side of the Aerobin.

The beauty of the Aerobin, is that you don’t need to turn the mix in order to aerate it. Its also resistant to unwanted pests.

In addition, a primary feature of this bin is the tank, which is located internally at the base of the Aerobin. Liquid draining from the compost is collected at the bottom, which you can use as a garden fertaliser. Double the power!

Size & Colour Options

The Aerobin composter comes in the following sizes and colours

Colours – Green
Sizes – 400 litres

Main Features of the Aerobin composter:

Temperature control – Thermal insulation increases efficency
Aeration – Efficient aeration gives compost in as little as 12 weeks
Effort – No mixing or turning needed
Airtight Seal – No need to worry about pest invaders
Accessibility – Easy removal of finished compost through side access door


Capacity(litres) – 400
Width(mm) – 740
Height(mm) – 1200