Can-O-Worms Wormery

Can-o-worms is so simple to use. The design of the can-o-worms means that accessibility to compost is easy, and the liquid nutrients can be gathered from the drainage tap which is located in the base. The extremely nutrient rich worm compost is ideal for plant feed, and with the amount of water that the can o worms can hold is also an added advantage.

This Can o worms product comes with a housing area and a good supply of worms to kickstart your composting, and also comes with a number of extras in the kit. If you want to start a wormery and want compost aswell, this is the product for you!

Size & Colour Options

The Can O Worms is available in the following:

Colours – Black
Sizes – 2 Tier and 3 Tier Wormeries

Main Features Of the Can-O-Worms:

Design – Fantastic womery with a layered design
Ease of use – Gaze on your compost, every step of the way. Great for kids!
Yield – Compost is produced to an efficent standard
Recycling – A superb way of recycling your kitchen waste
Compost Quality – The compost is produced directly your worms, resulting in a high grade compost for your plants


Can-O-Worms 2 Tier Wormery

Capacity(litres) – 45
Width(mm) – 500
Height(mm) – 660

Can-O-Worms 3 Tier Wormery

Capacity(litres) – 70
Width(mm) – 500
Height(mm) – 730