Draper Compost Tumbler 180 Litre

Just fill the barrel with organic waste from your kitchen or garden, and turn it every 2-3 days.

This enhances the compost process, as it mixes the materials inside and also increases aeration. Aeration helps to increase the efficiency of the bacteria that breakdown the organic material, this means you get compost quicker.

The design of the draper compost tumbler means that the barrel is elevated above the ground, creating optimum temperatures with the barrel, as moisture is distributed evenly throughout. This design also keeps out unwanted pests, such as rodents.

Another nice feature of the draper composter is the wide access hatch, along with the holes for ventilation.

The Draper compost tumbler is a extremely durable, tough, and cost effective addition to your garden.

Size & Colour Options

The draper composter comes in the following sizes and colours

Colours – Green
Sizes – 180 litres

Main Features of the Draper composter:

Production – 6 to 8 weeks for finished compost
Aeration – Even distribution throughout
Effort – Just turn barrel every couple of days
Accessibility – Wide access panel for easy removal of finished compost


Capacity(litres) – 180
Width(mm) – 770
Height(mm) – 750