Hotbin Compost Bin

Fancy making compost every 90 days with minimum effort, well say “hello” to the Hotbin. The Hotbin maximise’s the effectiveness of composting without the need to turn or tumble.

A simplistic design that can hold a capacity of 200 litres. The Hotbin compost bin holds the heat which accelerates the breakdown of organic material via bacteria. Aeration in the Hotbin is achieved by between the outlet rotating valve and the inlet plate, and as a result removes any excess water which freely evaporates as steam through the valve, which allows complete control of the heat loss.

The temperature that the Hotbin achieve composting, is between 50-60 degrees, produces quality compost at a very high rate. The Hotbin can also produce higher temperatures which allows for the decomposition of additional organic waste.

You should place the Hotbin compost bin in an area that is level, and whether its positioned in direct contact with the sun or not, you be sure you will have great compost, the whole year through.

Size & Colour Options

The Hotbin composter comes in the following sizes and colours
Colours – Black
Sizes – 200 litres

Main Features of the Hotbin composter:

Temperature control – Keep a close eye on temperature due to a thermometer in the lid
Aeration – Excellent aeration via valve plate, used to moderate temperature, and base plate allows for air dispersion
Effort – Near enough zero
Airtight Seal – Stops invading pests and eliminates smells
Compost Production – Produces compost every 90 days


Capacity(litres) – 200
Width(mm) – 600
Height(mm) – 1145