The Blackwall Compost Bin Converter

The blackwall compost tumbler bin is one of the most popular compost bins on the market today. Some 3 million blackwall composter bins have been sold globally. Its easy to manage, cheap and very robust, making it a long lasting cost effective composting solution. There isn’t a more efficient compost tumbler on the market today.

Size & Colour Options

The blackwall compost converter comes two sizes and colours.

Colours – Black and Green
Sizes – 220 litres or 330 litres

Main Features of the blackwall composter:

High Durability – Design presents a high strength and rigidity
Windproof Lid – The lid is a push fit, which inhibits the contents from being blown away
Large Aperture – Great for easy filling of organic materials
Side Hatch – When compost is finished, just simply remove it via the side hatch.
Assembling the composter – None required, just fit the body, head and lid together
Recycled Material – The composter is made from 100% recycled plastic
Guarantee – 10 Years


Capacity(litres) – 220 or 330
Width(mm) – 740 or 800
Height(mm) – 900 or 1000