The Earthmaker Composter Bin

This composting giant has a three layered chamber which allows for indefinite composting, if you so desire. It boasts a 466 litre capacity and is very easy to assemble. Making compost with the Earthmaker takes the strain out of composting, to a whole new level. The next generation of compost bin.

Size & Colour Options

The Earthmaker Composter comes in the following sizes and colours:

  • Colours – Black
  • Sizes – 466 litres

Main Features of the Earthmaker composter:

  • Consistent input – Constant input of organic materials via upper chamber
  • Aerobic composting – Keeping greenhouse gases to a minimum
  • Effort – Gravity does the work for you
  • Separation – Separate the new waste from the already made compost
  • Assembling the composter – Easy to assemble, and has a whopping 466 litre capacity
  • Compost Production – Produces compost at an extremely high level
  • In Comparison – It produces almost double the amount of compost as a regular compost bin, over the same time period


  • Capacity(litres) – 466
  • Width(mm) – 750
  • Height(mm) – 1200